LV Active Network Management

Distribution networks are facing unprecedented challenges. Increases in demand, distributed generation, use of electric vehicles and heat pumps all require a new methodology of network management and control. The Kelvatek Low Voltage active network management system provides the monitoring, communications and control functions to help utilities create an LV network for the future.

LYNX is an LV switch designed to fit into existing UDBs allowing active Network meshing and un-meshing alongside advanced monitoring capabilities. LYNX is fitted directly to LV link boxes in replacement of the solid link or fuse. It is not necessary to replace the link box itself. Fitting is fast and simple with the minimum of training. The LYNX has the ability to close and open the circuit at the link box either locally or remotely.

The LYNX communicates with the GATEWAY device, which provides a remote connection to the installed devices. This enables remote monitoring and control via the NMS.

Operational Schematic

LYNX Key features

  • Retrofit design
  • Minimised footprint
  • Safe, open circuit installation
  • LYNX fits Tyco, Sicame & Prysmian UDB’s
  • 2 & 4 way linkboxes
  • Easy to install


WEEZAP and LYNX measure voltage, current, power factor, real power, apparent power, reactive power, frequency, THD and individual harmonics including magnitude and phase up to the 25th. Data intervals can be configured to calculate the mean values over a range from 1 minute to 1 hour. 10ms minimums and maximums are also recorded over this period.

WEEZAP and LYNX can:

  • Detect over and under voltage conditions/confirm voltage within limits
  • Monitor currents for overload and assess duration and magnitude of overloads
  • Check Harmonic Levels on the network
  • Use power flow information at NMS level to make network configuration decisions
  • Capture high speed data to diagnose network problems, including incipient fault detection and location


The GATEWAY is the system’s wireless communications portal. DNP3 SCADA communications allows monitoring data and reclose control commands to be exchanged between the NMS and remote WEEZAP and LYNX devices embedded in the network.