Safe, temporary connection for multiple customers

MULTI RESTORE allows a utility to provide a safe temporary connection from a generator or other power source to residential customers who have lost supplies.

With increasing pressures to restore supplies in faster times, especially with new regulations being introduced in RIIO-ED1, MULTI RESTORE gives you the additional time you need to find and repair network faults. MULTI RESTORE will isolate the supply in the event of an over current, earth leakage, or a break in continuity providing full protection to the customers and the general public. Our innovative zero-current trip technology provides enhanced levels of safety.

Each of the 9 channels provides protection against several possible hazardous situations:

  • Interference by third party which severs the MULTI RESTORE connection cable will cause the relevant MULTI RESTORE channel to trip, making any exposed conductors dead.
  • Overloading the cable - each channel has overload protection of 32 Amperes
  • An Earth Fault involving live or neutral will cause the channel to trip. (Residual current 30 mA characteristic.)

MULTI RESTORE can be daisy chained to provide upto 36 individual single phase 32A outputs. Supplied in a rugged case, with detachable end covers to protect the connectors when not in use.

Convenient carry handles make the MULTI RESTORE easy to carry.