LV Auto-recloser & Fault Management System

REZAP FAULTMASTER is an auto-recloser that keeps customers on supply during intermittent faults. Incorporated vacuum technology, fault location and communications combine to make REZAP the complete LV fault management system.


  • Improved Network Performance
    • Dramatically reduced affects of intermittent faults, reduced customer inconvenience and reduced CI’s and CML’s
  • Fault Location
    • Mobile phone controller (Enables remote trip and close operation, one man operation)
    • Fault-thumping mode (Vacuum technology allows high energy throughout, enabling fault conditioning and ‘thumping’ for acoustic fault location)
    • Data logger
    • Ability to prevent phase-phase re-close
    • Single ended fault location capability (SELF algorithm)
  • Reduced response times
    • Real-time information sent to engineers
    • Rapid power restoration via remote operation
    • Removed dependence on customer notification of an outage
  • Efficient use of manpower resources
    • Reduced number of site visits
  • Identification overload conditions
    • Continuously logging load current
    • Distinguishing between faults and overloads
  • Managing the LV network
    • Region & substation based data management
    • Easily seen active REZAP units
    • Viewing fault history
  • Communications (Data to REZAP Server)
    • Provides database storage for fleet
    • Alerts staff by SMS and e-mail
    • Allows remote configuration and operation
  • IIP reporting
    • Reports outages & customer minutes lost by region or substation

Video Demonstration

Summary of Key Features

  • Fault location
  • Data logger
  • Load profiler
  • Reporting
  • Web interface
  • TTL auto reset
  • Message forwarding via SMA and email