Compact auto-recloser for intermittent LV fault management

REZAP MODULAR brings full REZAP functionality to fuse panels with severe space restrictions.

  • Compact size - 300mm x 160mm x 94mm
  • Fits 95% of existing fuse cabinets
  • Fault location
  • Load profiling
  • Replaceable in-line fuse
  • Communications

Key features of REZAP MODULAR

  • Auto trip to lockout reset
  • Remote operation via REZAP Server
  • 400A continuous current handling capabilities
  • Increased fuse options 25A - 400A
  • Control via mobile phone app
  • High fault current lockout
  • Load profiling
  • Acoustic fault location by thumping (480A)
  • Wireless update facility
  • Single reclose mode

Full BIDOYNG Compatibility

  • Controlled by GATEWAY
  • May be used in conjunction with BIDOYNG

Single Phase & 3 Phase Fault Location (SELF)

  • Single phase location with 1 or 2 units installed
  • Three phase location when 3 installed
  • Full fault location online and on-site via GATEWAY