REZAP Tracker

TRACK your REZAP FM fleet with REZAP Tracker.

REZAP Tracker is retrofittable to all REZAP FAULTMASTERS.

Kelvatek GPS Tracker has been specifically designed and integrated into the REZAP FAULTMASTERS. It contains a host of integrated functions specifically engineered for REZAP FAULTMASTER.

REZAP with Tracker

TRACKER Benefits

  • Retrofittable for all REZAP FAULTMASTER
  • GPS tracker tracks your REZAP FAULTMASTER which is a valued asset
  • Works in conjunction with REZAP SERVER and REZAP WEB
  • Daily signal GPS and GPRS signal sent to server
  • Sends GPS and GPRS signal when powered up.
  • Battery life est 6-7 weeks from last charge (extreme low power mode)
  • Battery Re-charges when REZAP FAULTMASTER is powered on
  • Internal vibration/motion sensor
  • Integrated antennae (GPS & GPRS)
  • Direct link to internet map
  • Location history from ship date
  • Shows last 20 known locations on a MAP on REZAP WEB
  • Shows the GPS coordinates of your units to input into a sat nav
  • Wirelessly upgradable with new functions